COVID-19 enforcement policies for food establishments in Maui County.

All customers must wear a mask when entering, waiting to be seated, getting take-out food, leaving their table for any reason, and when leaving the establishment. Please note that use of their clothing pulled up over their nose and mouth, wearing a mask that isn’t covering the nose or mouth, or face shields (partial or full) alone are not allowed. Once seated, customers may remove their masks. People at a table or bar need to maintain 6’ separation from other groups or customers not living in same household. Food establishments are encouraged to request customers to wear their masks when speaking to any employees or others outside their group.

We recognize some members of the public want to enter a food establishment but can’t wear a mask due to a medical condition or refuse to wear a mask. To accommodate those individuals, we will make “reasonable accommodations” to any unmasked customers by providing them services or goods without having them enter.